Creating the Tilt-Shift Effect

Follow the Tilt Shift Photography tutorial here.

The tilt-shift effect is typically achieved using a special (and very expensive) tilt-shift lens. In this case, however, you can learn how to create the effect through good ol’ Photoshop. It’s a very quick effect to make, and thus, the tutorial is short but thorough. What this does is make what was photographed look like a miniature model. I haven’t had the chance to take a good elevated-viewpoint photo to try this on, but I was too impatient so I used the best photo I could find in my existing repertoire.

Tilt-Shift Effect

Okay, okay–I know this is a stretch and thus a horrible example to show off this effect, but ah well! Don’t ever look at my examples, anyway. Usually, the actual examples from the tutorials are far better since I just make do with what I have.

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