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    Welcome to Version 5

    I'm very excited to announce Version 5 of my website! It's not completely finalized, yet, as I will be adding visual icons, fixing the musings section, and tweaking the design. However, I'm proud to say all pages have been XHTML and CSS verified! If you find one that isn't, though, do let me know. :) I’m hoping to have this version finalized by the end of the month, though I just realized that it's almost here already! Some quick shout outs to the updates… 1) changed the portfolio using a lightbox script, 2) news/updates now slide thanks to a jQuery script, 3) musings is in shambles but will be fixed soon, and most notably, 4) new design!
  • Version 5 Coming Soon!

    Yes, you heard correctly. I am in the works in creating/coding a new layout and design. As you can see from the time of this posting, I have been up working on it; it’s so addicting that I can’t even sleep! I’m hoping to roll out version 5 by the end of this month.

    In the mean time, go fancy my new contact form. No more third-party contact form. Yay!

    WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: valid xhtml/css, site search, testimonial, more musings (i have two drafts about utilizing social media and looking beyond web design), colophon (because I’m a geek), and more!
  • Massively Updated Musings

    It’s past 2am, and I can hear the rain drip across the rooftop.

    I’ve been working tirelessly on revamping the Musings part of my site since it lagged considerably in function and features. I finally found a good WordPress theme that worked seamlessly into the existing layout (and can easily work with future layouts) without heavy tweaking. While I was at it, I added registration and Twitter updates. Don’t ask me why registration is available; I have no clue, but I just thought it looked cool, and it may come in handy in the future as this site evolves. You can also conveniently tweet while on the Musings section of my site about anything you see or want without going offsite. HOW COOL IS THAT?! (Read more...)


Magan Le worked as an intern at the Fosforus media department before I hired her as Media Coordinator. She is an intelligent, smart, and creative person whose quality of work has always exceeded expectations. She is a hard worker, and her attention to detail is remarkable. Magan always faced the challenge of tackling a difficult task with interest and enthusiasm. On a personal level, she is an extremely nice and graceful person who is a joy to work with.

by Syed Hamed

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